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How to Get over Your Fear of Traveling Solo

stood up lady
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If you:

  • find yourself jaded when plans with others go sour,  keep reading.
  • end up staying home if everyone else cancels because you just can’t fathom going out alone, keep on reading.
  • have been curious about traveling, but you don’t think you will be safe or have fun by yourself, keep on, keep on what? That’s right, keep reading.

Listen, I totally understand the natural apprehension surrounding solo travel, but the key is conquering it by not allowing the ‘yays’ or ‘nays’ of others to dictate your actions. So, are you ready to overcome your fears of solo travel, but you just don’t know exactly how to do it? Well, keep reading because I have a few ‘Sista Says’ tips for ya!

Start Going out with YOU!!!
First you must get over your LOCAL fear of going out alone. Tempted to dine at that new, sexy sushi restaurant in your city, but it seems it’s a couples only haven? So what? Go eat alone and  pick up a tempura roll for me, while you’re there, lol.


Me and Tempura
Me and Tempura

Travel alone within the US
While you’re there, revisit tip the first tip!!!

Go on a cruise
This may seem like a daunting step, but it really is not, I promise. Think about it-  you will be surrounded by hundreds or thousands of other people! You get to mingle on a large scale then retreat to the comforts of YOU. Win win!!!

Go abroad with specialized, touring groups
While you may arrive alone, touring groups provide you with mingling conditions similar to a cruise, only in a smaller capacity. To find out more information on these specialized tours, visit either or .

The last tip: NOW GO SOLO!!!
You can do it, Bobbina/Bobbie Boucher, you can do it!!! Remember, you only get to live this one and only life to its highest extent…ONCE! Research your destination in advance and when you arrive there, leave Timid Tim/Tina at the baggage claim area and exude Fearless Frank/Farrah!




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Why I Will Never Cruise with Carnival Again


They say ‘never say never.’ I say ‘whatever!’

Before the fires, fumes, and filth issues covered in the media, I said a loud and resounding ‘HELL NO’ to sailing with Carnival in the future after my friend’s wedding cruise in 2010.

I remember it like it was 2 hours ago:

There I was awakened in the middle of the night sailing the ocean blue on Carnival Liberty to the dreaded queasy feeling. I sat on the edge of the bed in total denial of what was about to happen next.

Each end of my body was confused. It didn’t know whether to insert my head in the toilet or place my butt on it. Between my butt cramping and my throat retching, I wondered if day 3 was a prediction of the next 4 days on the ship. This wasn’t seasickness, my friends. It was what I labeled ‘the 2 hour Norwalk virus.’


Thankfully, I was ‘pill prepared’ for the trip.  I ended up feeling better after I chomped down on several Pepto-Bismol and swallowed 2 old Compazine (anti-nausea) pills. Things were going well until I developed strep throat that progressed into a never ending sinus infection. Terrible, just terrible. The Carnival Demons just wouldn’t let me live!!!

Despite this, I got to witness my bride-friend commit her life to her love; however, in hindsight, I should’ve taken a clue from her best friend who left the ship AFTER the reception. She was smart.

Sista Asks: Have you ever had a bad cruise experience? What happened?

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Enjoy Sweet Parisian Sounds, Just By Walking Around!!!

Hey that rhymed!!! Elementary school paid off after all. :)

So you:

  • Received the approval from your supervisor for that week off from work
  • Decide to take a chance and visit Paris, France (oh man, I am on a roll with the rhyming today)
  • On your ‘must see’ list are the Eiffel Tower (of course), Notre Dame Cathedral,  Moulin Rouge and other attractions, plus that hot club your friends told you to visit because they have the best, live musical performances. Sounds good, right? Cool, until you remember…YOU ONLY HAVE A FRIGGIN WEEK TO DO ALL OF THIS!!!

"Image courtesy of [imagerymajestic] /".
“Image courtesy of [imagerymajestic] /”.
  No need for the frustration. You just might get to that local club after all, but if not,you could enjoy the sweet sounds of Paris for free on your way to the Eiffel Tower or wherever you go!!! Grab my hand and walk with me, why doncha?


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I Let My Hair Down When It Comes to Eating…

in other countries.

watermarkburgerking*I hope you all understand what I am going to say.*

Places I wouldn’t dare eat at here in the U.S. are somewhat a non-issue when I am overseas.

Living in America has spoiled me in that I have a variety of restaurant options to choose from at any time. The ‘hole in the wall’ establishments and the food trucks here in the U.S. don’t receive my support. Looks good? Yeah. Smells good? Hecka Yeah? Tempting? Nah. I like a certain aesthetic appeal in where I choose to dine, plus, it gives me the peace of mind that my food’s possibly being handled and prepared appropriately.

When I am in another country, that standard’s laid to rest, mainly because the food’s fresher and it tastes SO MUCH BETTER! On top of this, I know that some other countries don’t have the strict regulations that we are supposed to have in the U.S. due to politics and funding. Yay to eating overseas!!!

Street Food in San Pedro, Belize


Banana and Nutella Crepe in Paris, France from a Food Truck
Banana and Nutella Crepe in Paris, France from a Food Truck
Quesadilla in Honduras


Chicken baleada in Honduras
Chicken baleada in Honduras


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Thank You All for Your Patience And…

Miss Birdie and I in Balboa Park

I am back from my health hiatus! I am so happy to restart bringing you all more of my travel content. I am currently in San Diego, California visiting good people and once I get back into my home city, look forward to new updates very soon. Before the end of 2012, this blog will contain my visits of:

  • Paris, France (this will be definitely finished in the month of October
  • Belize (Belize City, San Pedro and Caye Caulker)
  • My financial mishaps in preparation for my voyages and during them
  • Cruises (My first cruise, the worst cruise, smooth jazz cruises)
  • San Diego, CA
  • Videos
  • Where I’ve been tips
    …and so much more!!!

Once again, thanks so much for sticking it out with me.  I never planned on removing myself from my blog for the length of time I did, but it was absolutely necessary.  I will explain more about why I had to take the hiatus later. Sometimes, I still suffer with my health, but I can usually pinpoint as to why and it’s 90% of the time my fault anyway, lol.



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