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So, How Did I Spend My 34th Birthday? (Plus Contest Winner Announcement!!!)


We Are Family!
We Are Family!

I went to Virginia and Washington to spend time with family and friends, as most of those who participated in my giveaway suggested. I was only there for a short time, but I definitely made the most of it!!!
The plan was hit up King’s Dominion Amusement Park during my visit, but the weather, TRAFFIC on I-95 North and South, my family’s work schedule and my friend’s sickness ruled in favor of ‘No.’ Nevertheless, I still had a blast because:

The flight attendant surprised me with my FAVORITE treat on my way there!!!
P1040116I met a new family member, Miss Shay!
P1040119I went to free, jazz event in Washington, D.C. (and you all know I LOVE jazz!!!)

I saw an impressive building and I had to take pictures of it…with me in the pictures, of course :)
P1040136P1040139P1040142I wanted to visit the Washington Monument, but the walk was far and the air was HUMID! I decided this picture would suffice, lol.

It was great seeing my family and friends again. I hope to make it sooner than later in the future. Plus, I am now considering a relocation to the North Virginia and Washington, D.C. area :)

The winner of $50 E-Visa or Paypal Cash from the ‘Help Sista Decide’ contest is…

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thanks to all who participated. There will definitely be more giveaways here in the future!!!

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Stay or Go Away? Help Sista Voyage Decide and Win $50!!!


Hiya Good People! Sista Voyage is in a bit of a doozy. Her 34th birthday is closely approaching and while she knows she wants to travel, she’s not quite sure where to go. After her 32nd birthday blast in Honduras, she imagined the next increases in age would be spent the same way.

Unfortunately, year 33 didn’t yield what she imagined, but she knows her 34th birthday will!!! Her job approved her time off and she has the finances in place, thanks to her travel fund account.

Here are her options:

Option 1: Stay in the U.S. and visit family and friends in Virginia she hasn’t seen in about 4 years. Her stay will yield free room, board AND meals. Being a lover of all things insane and thrilling, she’ll get a chance to visit King’s Dominion to ride roller coasters!!! Her last amusement park experience was 4 years ago at her beloved Cedar Point.

Option 2: Return to Honduras to revisit friends made during her March 2013 trip. Her living arrangements would resemble the couch surfing phenomenon. She would pay for her use of a costly amenity ,i.e., electricity while in the home. The homeowner has agreed to only speak Spanish to her as she really wants to be fluent in the language. She will volunteer again at Sandy Bay Ministries orphanage.

Option 3: Venture into a totally different country- this time, Nicaragua!!! While there, she would attend a language school. Getting there will be a true adventure as she would catch a flight to Tegucigalpa, stay overnight at a friend’s home, then take a 7+ hour bus ride to Nicaragua.

Option 4: Choose a ‘staycation’ in her home city for yet another birthday, save more vacation time off/money and postpone her travel plans until later this year. With this option, she will have the opportunity to literally ‘country hop’ for almost a month!

She needs your suggestions/support and to show her gratitude, she and will send a lucky, random participant $50 in Paypal cash or an e-Visa!!! Simply enter to win below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Are You Motivated to Exercise During Travel? (GIVEAWAY)


For me, it depends. If I am traveling to a country where I will be doing tons of walking, ie, Paris, then no, I don’t workout. When cruising or staying on a resort that offers the amenities such as aerobic classes and workout rooms, I try to take advantage of them.

If you are one who feels the motivation to stay active while traveling, but you can’t muster up the actual action of putting on gym clothes, walking over the the workout room or classes, I have an idea: Enter into this contest to win a convenient travel workout kit! Rules for the contest are within the link.

Bueno Suerte!

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And The Winner Is… (Donde Estoy? Contest/Giveaway)

Congratulations to Crystal Collier who answered the question to my ‘Donde Estoy’ contest video on youtube, which was BELIZE!!!

I will be sharing my 6 day experience with you all soon.

Thanks to all who participated. There will be more giveaways in the future, so stay tuned.


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