Donde Estoy? ‘Where Am I’ Contest

From the pictures in the above video, can you guess what country I am visiting, right here, right now? If so, you will win a goodie box filled with specific trinkets from the country. In order to win, follow the simple rules below:


Contest starts 6/14 and ends 6/19.

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Answer the question by either clicking on the speech bubble on the right of this entry or Click on ‘leave a reply’ below. *Note- I approve all comments before they appear publicly. For this contest, I won’t release the answers until after the winner’s announced. This way no one can ‘steal’ your reply J.’ When you answer, include your email address in the comments section so that I can match it the address you subscribed with. Don’t worry- when I approve your comment for all to see, your email address will be deleted.

DO NOT ANSWER ON YOUTUBE!!! Any answers submitted on youtube will not be considered.

There will only be one winner and that person will be announced both on youtube and on my blog on 6/22.

Prize:  Trinkets from my travel (basically items specific to the country I visited)


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26 thoughts on “Donde Estoy? ‘Where Am I’ Contest

  1. Hi ChakaKhanian,

    I think that you are in Belize. Hope I am right!

    Take care! =D

    Q: Is this contest open internationally? …I live in Canada. If not, it was fun searching on the net to know in which country you were in. Take care! :)

  2. I know i’m late…but you can be found in San Pedro Belize…I googled DandE’s frozen custard and that location poped up. All the best on your travels…

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