Do You Purchase Travel Insurance?

I have to admit, I haven’t purchased travel insurance since my visits to Jamaica in 2006 and 2007. I’ve been on a total of 4 cruises, to the Bahamas, to Paris, to Honduras, and to Belize and with each trip, I had no insurance coverage.

Save your fussing. *smile* I know I was playing with fire, but in my mind, I thought it was worth taking the chance. I just felt/feel some kinda way about travel insurance.  I know there are a variety of options with various prices, but there’s always something they don’t cover and that something would be just what I would need.  I am at a place where I am meticulously watching how, when, where , why, and what I spend my  money on and if pay for coverage of any kind, I WANT MY COVERAGE! I don’t want to hear, ‘oh, yes Miss Sista Voyage, you did purchase our insurance, but the plan you have doesn’t cover your flight being delayed due to ducks crossing the airstrip. Sorry ’bout that.’

I called my medical insurance company to see if I was protected while overseas and they told me, yes, I was. Of course my insurance plan’s not accepted out of the country, but they told me that if I needed medical attention, I could file a claim and they would reimburse me accordingly. Since this is the case, I don’t need travel insurance with medical care coverage.

I have noticed that a company called travel guard has an option where you’d be reimbursed 50-75% of your trip if you cancel for ANY reason, but I wonder- is this truly ANY REASON?

So tell me, do you all purchase travel insurance? In no, why? If yes, why? Have you ever had to use it? What was your experience like?

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5 thoughts on “Do You Purchase Travel Insurance?

  1. I travel solo also. I think it is amazing that you travel solo. People think I am crazy for doing it, but If I waited on people to go. I would have never been outside of Illnois, I have been on approximately 5 Royal caribbean cruises, 2 Norweign cruises, and 4 carnival cruises, solo. Oh I did take my nieces on a cruise last year, this was the first vacation I had taken someone with me. It as great for dinner time, but I felt like I had to make them enjoy the vacation.
    I use to go the bahamas every-year for approximately 8 years Plus until it became more economical to do cruising. You should try Norweign they have a solo cabin for singles, I wanted to do this, but I had to cancell my cruise last year on the Norweign epic. I vacation with Capitol Jazz
    they have a combination of Smooth Jazz, R&B, gospel and comedy, It’s great, you should check this cruise out. I am going solo next year on the Soul Train Cruise, fall 2013, I have yet to venture to Europe, I am not that self-confident to travel to Europe, maybe one day. I think it’s great that you have decided to enjoy your life with or without a spouse, many people can’t do it. Good Luck on your next endeavor.

    1. You are correct! Waiting on others (with anything) can result in you missing out!

      That’s great that you’ve been on that many cruises alone! I have so much to say about cruising on my blog.

      I will check into The Norwegian cruise line due to your suggestion. I prefer Royal Caribbean over the other cruise lines used in the past, ie, Carnival (YUCK) and Holland America.

      I have been researching the Capital Jazz cruise recently. I will consider going on one, but the Smooth Jazz Cruise has been so good to me that I will definitely keep sailing with them! They sent me more information about late next year’s sailings and the one in 2014. Looks like I will be on both!

      Ahh! They announced the Soul Train Cruise on the Smooth Jazz Cruise this year. Have fun for me! I was thinking about taking my mother, but the funds said otherwise, lol.

      My next trip to Europe will definitely be solo. I am looking into Sweden and Norway. I might go back to Paris just for the heck of it, but that’s a big might.

      Thanks for the good luck wishes on my next endeavor. I am planning on it being back to Honduras soon!

      Take care and thanks for browsing. More updates to come!

  2. Sorry for the late response. I am going on a Caribbean cruise and we are going to purchase the insurance through the ship line. We are going on Carnival since we can drive to the port and with it being hurricane season during that time still I do not want to be out of money if the trip is cancelled for any reason.

  3. I assume you are going on a Caribbean cruise and you are purchasing the insurance due to hurricane season. Is this correct?

    Do you mind sharing where you are purchasing the insurance from? I think $160 for two people is great.

    Thanks for the compliment on my blog and youtube!

  4. This post was right on time!! I am going on my first cruise in October and I was going to purchase the travel insurance because of the time of year. It is an additional 160 and change but that covers both of us (me and my friend) if something happens. Love the blog and youtube channel!

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