What Say You- Groupon or Living Social?









During an interaction with some associates, the topic of Groupon and Living Social for travel was discussed and debated. I am one who is skeptical of many ‘discounted deals’ especially when it comes to traveling. I won’t consider exploring timeshares or websites that say ‘book with us and your next trip free!’ Nah, I go straight to the source to book my trips and if there are any discounts available at that time, gold star for me!

As they began to go back and forth about the two, some sharing negative experiences and some sharing positive, my interest was sparked, so I went to Living Social to see what was going on. If I can get a legit traveling deal, I will take it, especially since I am seriously pining away at my debt and increasing my savings.

I plan on going back to Belize in the near future and there was this one special for an escape in the country for $500, originally $1000. Interesting, I thought, but I didn’t proceed to planning right then and there because I want to research these deals a bit more by doing some additional price comparisons and reading the fine print (that dang fine print!) I am going to take the ‘watch and wait’ approach, even if the deal is too good to pass up because my past included compulsion spending which landed me in debt. Once I gather more satisfying info for myself about these companies, I will use them and explain my experience, ‘kay?

Have any of you used either for traveling in or out the country? If so, tell me about it!


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