Why Did You Stay There? That Place Looked Expensive!

At The Phoenix Resort, Belize
At The Phoenix Resort, Belize

When people view my videos or pictures of my experiences overseas, a question I tend to answer a lot is why I chose to stay at a certain resort/hotel.  Right after I am asked this, the comment that typically follows is ‘that place looked expensive! I can’t afford that.’

Of course, expensive is relative as one person may believe $150.00 per night is a steal while another may view it as if their money’s being stolen. It all boils down to what are important preferences to you.

Sooo…Why Did I Stay There?

I visit www.tripadvisor.com to help me narrow my lodging options down based on user reviews, pictures, and videos.  I purposefully choose the top rated accommodations for my initial visits to a particular country and I try not to stay over a week. Once I become more acquainted with the area, I then scope out cheaper options for my future travels , making sure I don’t skimp on quality and safety. For example, for my first visit to Roatan, I stayed at a luxury resort called Barefoot Cay (read here). The next time I visited I opted for the cheaper accommodation of Roatan Backpacker’s Hostel (read here). By me preferring to travel alone, I believe this is a smart move on my part. On top of this, traveling’s a treat for me and where I choose to lie my head reflects this. After preparing for my voyage, flying hundreds of miles to my destination and braving customs (whew!) the last thing I need is the headache of canceling reservations on the spot and trying to figure out where else I could stay.

 Question: How do you choose your lodging options?



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4 thoughts on “Why Did You Stay There? That Place Looked Expensive!

  1. Hi, I use TripAdviser reviews. I want a balance of comfort and affordability.

    I found your website via your YT video on travelling to Honduras solo.

  2. I usually go to Trip Advisor and read about the hotels, restaurants and etc. IMO, $150 a night is the going rate not too cheap and not too expensive. Some people believe in roughing it and staying at cheaper places but that is not me, so I choose to stay in nicer place when I travel overseas.

  3. TripAdvisor is also my bible when it comes to booking hotels. I read multiple reviews and look through the pics. If there aren’t any pictures, I’m not booking. I agree with you that hotels are super important which is why I’m usually willing to pay up to $160/night to be comfy in a nice room.

    1. I TOTALLY agree about the pictures. I can’t stand the professional ones they sneak in with the ‘common folk pictures’ lol.

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