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It would be so nice to have a job that grants me so much free time to travel at will, but as of right now, I am stuck saying ‘that would be so nice.’ If you’re like me, you work a full-time job with limited and restricted opportunities for taking vacation time. Well, what are you to do when you’ve saved your money and have excitedly made future plans to travel to Switzerland, but uncertain about your job approving the time off? Here are my tips:

  1. Obviously, you must first check if you will have the time available so that you can take off, get paid during the process and won’t receive penalties from your employer.
  2. After you’ve decided what country you’d like to explore, write a list and separate it by two columns: one that involves when the experts advise tourists to visit/not visit and the other that involves when it would be best for you to visit based on your employer’s suggestion. For the latter, have up to 3 options for days or week(s).vacation approval
  3. When you present your requests to your manager/supervisor, start with the first choice of days/week(s). If denied, go to your 2nd or 3rd.
  4. Try to get the requests in early. Each company is different- some require a year’s advance for time off requests, some a month, based on seniority or priority, etc. Know your company’s design.
  5. If you want the most out of your voyage, do what I do: split your week(s). Instead of taking full week(s) (and possibly spend your entire approved time off) , take 3-4 days off one month and the remainder off another month. This can result in you visiting more countries that year. This tip is especially for those who are rejected from receiving  entire week(s) off as desired.
  6. Some companies require you to bid against other employees for time off, even if you have enough days available. When bidding against those with more seniority/priority than you, examine your co-worker’s lifestyle. Are they single? Married with children? Single parents with children? Engaged? This can assist you in determining your vacation days to request and improve your chances of getting what you want. Most families vacation during spring break, holidays and the summer. Once you’ve figured out what months/weeks/days your co-workers will request, you can go from there.
  7. Once approved, maintain a paper trail and print any info that will benefit you just in case there’s an issue with your absence later. NEVER accept a verbal approval.
  8. When all else fails (I hope not!), go individually to those you know have the days/week(s) you need. You’ll never know- they might’ve picked those times with no actual plans in mind anyway.

Do you have information you’d like to share about planning and taking time off from work for vacationing? If so, please comment below! My readers and I would love to hear about them :)

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2 thoughts on “Full Time Worker, Part Time Travel

  1. usually I have a few co-workers who take the same time every year, I do have a co-worker “hater” she dislikes that I travel and take vacation, It is unreal to me because for one, she can budget and go just like me but instead of supporting my vacation request, she hopes mine get denied, so I can’t cruise or vacation. She always block time that others want, just for spite. I really don’t want to share the time I need off with her anymore since she does this for vindictiveness. She never travels or does anything but work, its seems to me the people who care about what you do with your time and money are the ones who are jealous? what for, we all can do what we want with a plan. I am afraid to even tell my boss, she has a problem when I travel too! It is sad that women are the most mad mean and jealous human beings on earth, At this point in my life I realize people who do these things are so dissatisfied with their own lives, they get a thrill from making other lives complicated. Sad hey.
    Anyway I have almost paid for two cruises as I am writing this comment, I hope I get the time I need off , I have the vacation time, but there is another factor that influences my boss decision to give me the time off, anyhow my strategy for getting my time off for vacations, so far is to request time off during the non-holiday months, no summer vacation months, usually I vacation in May, October, November and/or December, before the holidays

    1. Your comment makes me sad and angry!!! I haven’t experienced your level of ‘vacation blocking’ that you have, but I do like to keep my desired time off hidden from my co-workers. My reason being I just don’t want to hear their views about MY vacation decisions. I hope you get your those days you requested for your cruise, too, because you worked hard to save up the time AND you’ve already paid for it. Let me know how things go :)

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