*Sings* ‘Nothing but Smooth Sailing, Tonight… (Preview)

anything that you want from me, it’s my delight tonight.’ –The Isley Brothers

The Smooth Jazz Cruise 2012

I love smooth jazz. No wait, let me rephrase that… I LUBS me some smooth jazz. I caught an ear whiff of it when I was about 6 years old via Paul Hardcastle’s Rainforest. That song resonated with everyone that heard and it definitely got people moving or at least their heads a’bobbing.

My next run in with smooth jazz was via George Duke’s ‘No Rhyme, No Reason’ when I was 15 years old. The music in that song was/is so mellow that it instantly relaxes you. Let’s just ignore the lyrics being about a married man caught up in an love affair, lol. Listening to the musical composition in this song made me yearn for more of what they call ‘smooth jazz.’

Fast forward a bit to college. I found a local radio station that played this genre of music all day and all night and I had it on all day…and all night. Whether I was studying, sleeping, eating, whatever, if I heard a song that peaked my interest, I made sure I found out the artist and the song title. I was a loyal member of BMG/Columbia music (remember them?) and I would order as many cd’s I could, through payment arrangements of course. My first smooth jazz album? Boney James’s ‘Sweet Thing.’

How does the aforementioned relate to traveling, you say? Keep reading, Impatient One.

Whenever I am not looking for something, that’s when I find it (can anyone else relate?) and that’s what happened when I was searching the internet for smooth jazz radio stations. I came across www.thesmoothjazzcruise.com from a simple browse and I couldn’t believe it. You mean to tell me, I can cruise, meet new, good people, visit other countries AND hear AND mingle with most of my favorite musical artists IN PERSON on a ship? That was it, I was sold and so far, I’ve been on two of these wonderful cruises. Here are just a few pictures to get your brain to a’wondering, ‘what did Sista Voyage exactly do on the cruise? Where did she go? What artists did she meet? Did she go alone here, too? (The answer to the latter is a big YES!!!)

Boney James performing
Me and Gerald Albright
Brian Simpson (piano), Johnathan Butler (guitar), and Richard Elliott (sax)
Me and Richard Elliot
Norman Brown performing
Rick Braun, Brian Culbertson and Euge Groove performing
Me and Candy Dulfer

Did the pictures cause you to want to know more specifics about my voyage? Of course they did, so be on the look out for my detailed entries of this wonderful cruise in this month of December 2012 to January 2013! I will hold nothing back, I promise :)

Oh and while you wait for the entries, go ahead and enjoy one of my video uploads of the cruise.



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