Do You Purposefully Travel?


Banner at Holy Cross School in Belize

My first time out of the country was for my wedding in 2006 to Jamaica and I didn’t do much at all (mainly because of compromising, ya know). Matter of fact, I didn’t take any authority over planning the trip. I gladly gave that responsibility to a travel agency. Me and my now ex-husband traveled back to Jamaica in 2007 and once again, we didn’t do much. We stayed on a couple’s centered resort called Sandals and felt there wasn’t a need to venture out for exploration. It was comforting to be in a structured environment such as a resort. Everything desired was right at my fingertips and I was treated like royalty. I thought that was what traveling was all about, nothing more and definitely nothing less.

From there, I kept traveling, but I was still operating as a ‘typical tourist,’ mainly traveling as a form of relaxation up until, yes people, the turning point as many of you all know- my 2011 visit to Honduras. In June 2012, I went a step further and actually volunteered at Holy Cross Anglican School in San Pedro, Belize and that’s when it all made sense.

My purpose for traveling now is to provide others that same comfort Sandals extended to me. I want to serve and make people feel like royalty. I want to gain more cultural awareness and stop limiting myself to what I’ve been taught is the ‘right way to live.’  Will I get my relax and fun on? Of course, but that’s no longer my drive. For the first time, I am excited about purposefully traveling- are you?

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