They Say ‘Oh No, Sista! Don’t Go THERE Alone!’

notravelingsoloIt happened once again. My mouth overruled my brain’s warning that shouted, ‘don’t mention your upcoming out of the country plans to these people!’ Will I ever learn the concept of mind over mouthing?

Here’s how the conversation went down:

Debbie Downer 1: Have you been out of the country lately?

Fearless me: No.

*here is where my mind said, ‘she asked if you have been out of the country lately, NOT if you are going out of the country soon. There’s no need to tell her or the people around her about your plans. It’s not neces…’

Outburst having me: I am going back to Honduras soon, though.

My brain’s image after saying the above:

Barack-Obama-hand-on-head Debbie Downer 1: Don’t go by yourself!!!

Fearless me: I’ve been by myself twice already. What’s the big deal?

Debbie Downer 2: YOU HEARD ABOUT THAT WOMAN WHO was by herself that GOT KILLED in another country recently…

At this point, my mind told my mouth to say, ‘and YOU heard about that woman who got killed right around the corner from your home, my home, her home, etc, right?’ but once again, I didn’t obey it. I kept quiet, which is what I should’ve done after Debbie Downer’s original question.

I don’t understand why people love to ignore that crimes happen everywhere. No country, big or small is immune to tragedy.

When I traveled to New York, Philadelphia, Miami, San Diego, Chicago, I never got these warnings of impending doom.  Matter of fact, I would hear ‘oh, I have a cousin-whose-sister’s-uncle lives there’, or ‘have a ball’ or the ‘I am going to shop there in so-in-so month’ remarks.

The crazy thing is these two women reside in a city that many outsiders don’t want to visit due to the ‘another 48 hours’ crime show! Hilarity!

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5 thoughts on “They Say ‘Oh No, Sista! Don’t Go THERE Alone!’

  1. Hello, just stumbled upon your youtube channel and decided to check out some of your blog! It’s sad how many people don’t ever even leave the block/village/town/city that they were born in, let alone take on the adventure of traveling the world! I’m super proud of you for not giving any credence to these naysayers and their limited view of safety. They don’t see the world the way we do. They think it’s this scary place and any news from outside their that’s negative is confirmation! Well, that’s ok, that leaves more of the world for us to enjoy! I feel like I remember your face and hair from but can’t remember your name, I’m liznewark on there. I moved to Liberia in 2011, and am now getting my masters in law in Malta! I love living in other cultures and applaud you for your traveling. And if you’re ever interested in visiting Liberia, within the next 2 years (those are the only certain years, after that anywhere is fair game), let me know!

    1. Hi liznewark!!! Yes, I used to be on fotki a long time ago.
      Thanks for replying. I have a neighbor who is from Liberia and she recently went back to visit. I felt a tinge of jealousy as she explained how wonderful of a time she had while there. She told me how there’s hardly no processed foods available and how the communities are tight nit and friendly. I might eventually make my way up to Liberia in the near future! Thanks for the invite!

  2. I enjoyed reading your post! I live in Honduras but I am from the U.S. so I know EXACTLY what you mean! Before I moved here lots of people told me how dangerous it was going to be. They even asked me if Honduras was at war! I told them no but the U.S. is at war! They don’t think about that part. I know that you have been to Roatan. I absolutely love it there. It is a lot safer there and the people are friendly. I applaud you for going solo! Don’t let fear stop you from doing what you want to do! In Roatan , you should go to this restaurant called “The hole in the Wall.” The locals know it. It is about 40 minutes or so from West End. You can take a taxi. It might be a little expensive from West End. The fish is really good. After you take the taxi, you have to take a ferry ride (15-20 minutes) to get to the restaurant because it is on the water. You also have to pay for that too but it shouldn’t be more than $10. I hope that you enjoy yourself there! I plan to go back in the summer and stay longer! Also, you should visit other countries in Central America if you haven’t already. Costa Rica is absolutely beautiful! I love it there soooo much! If you have any questions about anything I will gladly help you!


    1. Hi Bridgette! I remember a previous comment you left here on my blog about living in Honduras. We must chat outside of the blog. Thanks for the recommendation about the restaurant, I will definitely check it out while I am there again. I remember the taxi ride to West End when I was there last time. It was a nice drive, lol. I wonder if Sandy Bay’s closer to the restaurant? I will check with my friends.
      Due to your recommendation, this will be my first time taking the ferry ride and oh, it will be so cool to experience a restaurant on the water!!!
      I definitely want to visit other countries in Central America. I have been to Belize twice (I will be updating my blog about those experiences soon) and I have actually been eyeing Panama as of lately.

  3. I said the same thing recently to a woman BUT it was about running alone in the woods. As a woman traveling alone you can be killed here or abroad, one can always be cautious but not petrified about traveling. It’s not like you are going to Afghanistan.

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