Okay, let’s see…

There I was, at work two days before leaving for Roatan, Honduras for my 32nd birthday and I received a call from my GI doctor. The previous week, my nurse practitioner scheduled a CT scan for me. I didn’t want to have it done, but I decided to follow her orders. After the scan, I wasn’t expecting her to call me with the results so soon.

The CT scan revealed a spot on my liver, she explained, and they wanted to do more tests, preferably a MRI to see what it was exactly. When she told me the news, I sobbed immediately. I didn’t think anything was wrong with my liver since I was going to the doctor for another reason. I was dazed, frazzled and upset. She tried to reassure me that just because there’s a spot it doesn’t mean it’s cancer. My concern was cancer or not, there’s a spot on my liver that’s not supposed to be there. I left work, went straight to the doctor’s office to have labs drawn and to schedule the MRI for the next day. In the midst of all of this, I was unsure if I would celebrate my birthday, solo, on the beautiful island of Roatan. I was drained, scared, nervous, shocked…basically not the emotions expected before a vacation.

I didn’t want to go. I wasn’t in the mood to go. I didn’t care about the loss I would take if I didn’t go.

So, did I go or what?


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