And to think, I almost didn’t go!

Me in Roatan

After I wiped my nose and dried my tears, I decided (with the urging of my doctors, friends, and family) to pack my bags, gather my passport and itinerary and head to Honduras! I figured there was no use in allowing my money and time to be wasted on worrying about the condition of my liver (plus, I couldn’t get a refund in that short amount of time anyway  :)  ).

On August 11, 2012, I flew out my home city to Houston, TX. From Houston, TX, the flight time to Honduras was only 2 hours and 30 minutes. I can’t explain the joy I felt as we descended to the island from the plane. Everyone looking out their windows was in awe of its beauty from so far above. Honestly, I could understand if someone would’ve cried tears of joy at this time. I’m serious.

Day One (Dia Uno)

The immigration check was a breeze and as soon as I got my luggage, my driver from Barefoot Cay was waiting on me with a smile. During the drive, he verbally provided me information about the resort (although I couldn’t hear him, thanks my ears being clogged from the descend).

“Alcohol or non-alcohol?” Huh? Oh, yeah, I almost forgot about the complimentary arrival drink they serve you. Non-alcohol, please :)

Taken from Barefoot Cay's Website

When I arrived, I was ready to check-in, but I was a little too early. The resort did allow me to change clothing in my bungalow because I wanted to visit Mahogany Bay (a port owned by Carnival Cruise Line). Although I dislike Carnival, I have to give them props for exposing me to Roatan in June 2010.  I didn’t want to leave! At that time, I didn’t know that Mahogany Bay was only an enclosed, tourist area, but I knew there was something about Roatan that made me want to visit it again. It was there that I experienced zip-lining for the first time ever!

After I changed into my swimsuit, I had a taxi take me to Mahogany Bay. Unfortunately, I got there a little too late. The cruise ship that was there earlier departed, so they closed the port. I didn’t want to go back to the resort since my room wasn’t finished, so I decided to go to West End, a popular area for tourists on the island of Roatan. While there, I visited the beach, mingled and  ordered a quesadilla. That joker was good!

Yummy veggie quesadilla from West End
Me and Two Sisters from Guatemala visiting West End

I headed back to my resort after having my quesadilla made (my taxi driver was patient while I visited the area, but I didn’t want him to wait any longer). When he dropped off, for some reason, I thought all I owed him was a tip, not the taxi fare!!! I guess I thought that transportation was included in the resort price or something. *silly me* I gave him money (in dollars) and I recall him just staring at it. I was thinking, ‘dude, that’s a good tip!’ LOL. He told me how much the fare was and I was like *blank stare, looks around* Oh…my bad. He didn’t sweat it though, but I did, so I ran to my bungalow (it was ready for me by then), ran to back the cab and gave him the correct amount. It was that day I learned that 1 American Dollar = 19 Lempiras and the tip I gave that I thought was ‘good’ really was measly, lol!

Once I got over that embarrassing experience, I gave myself a tour of resort. You can come with me if you’d like, via video and photos!

Outside of my Bungalow


My Bungalow


The Front of My Bungalow


Azul, the name of my Bungalow

That night, my stomach made more room for my dinner (move over quesadilla!)



Day One in Video

Click Here for Day 2 (Dia Dos)




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  1. I am loving your blog!!! I was led to it via your YouTube channel, keep up the awesome job!!! I pray that your health scare, is just that; I have been there. A single sista living it up!!!!

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