Why I Will Never Cruise with Carnival Again


They say ‘never say never.’ I say ‘whatever!’

Before the fires, fumes, and filth issues covered in the media, I said a loud and resounding ‘HELL NO’ to sailing with Carnival in the future after my friend’s wedding cruise in 2010.

I remember it like it was 2 hours ago:

There I was awakened in the middle of the night sailing the ocean blue on Carnival Liberty to the dreaded queasy feeling. I sat on the edge of the bed in total denial of what was about to happen next.

Each end of my body was confused. It didn’t know whether to insert my head in the toilet or place my butt on it. Between my butt cramping and my throat retching, I wondered if day 3 was a prediction of the next 4 days on the ship. This wasn’t seasickness, my friends. It was what I labeled ‘the 2 hour Norwalk virus.’


Thankfully, I was ‘pill prepared’ for the trip.  I ended up feeling better after I chomped down on several Pepto-Bismol and swallowed 2 old Compazine (anti-nausea) pills. Things were going well until I developed strep throat that progressed into a never ending sinus infection. Terrible, just terrible. The Carnival Demons just wouldn’t let me live!!!

Despite this, I got to witness my bride-friend commit her life to her love; however, in hindsight, I should’ve taken a clue from her best friend who left the ship AFTER the reception. She was smart.

Sista Asks: Have you ever had a bad cruise experience? What happened?

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2 thoughts on “Why I Will Never Cruise with Carnival Again

    1. I am assuming it was food poisoning. I attribute it more to the hundreds of guests on the ship vs the food handlers, though.

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