5 Medication Categories I ALWAYS Take on My Trips

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I make sure that I am very ‘pill prepared’ (along with other dosage forms) before leaving the U.S. for my voyages. I compiled a list of easy to find, low cost medications that I personally used, and at times, offered to others in need during my vacations. I feel my trip time is precious and should not be consumed with asking others for allergy medicine or Pepto Bismol. I never leave home without ’em!

  1. Anti-Red/Dry Eye Lubricant i.e., Visine ® , GenTeal ®, etc

2.  Anti-Itch/Infection creams and ointments, i.e., hydrocortisone (for itching and swelling), clotrimazole (for ringworm), neosporin (cuts/scrapes prone to infection)

  3.  Antihistamines (oral), i.e., diphenhydramine, loratadine (for systemic allergic reactions) *I have to be careful because they can result in drowsiness!*

  4.  Cough/Cold/Decongestant medications

  5.   Anti-Nausea/Diarrhea/Constipation medications, i.e., meclizine (anti-nausea), loperamide (anti-diarrhea) and docusate (stool softener). Pepto-Bismol® is great for nausea and diarrhea, but I sometimes forget that it can discolor bodily wastes and give me a black tongue. Ewww!!!

  Honorable Mention: Aloe Vera Gel– Not a medication, but I couldn’t pass up mentioning it!!! It is a ‘jack of all skin trades’ in that it’s used for sun burns, moisturizing, scars, shaving and even for hair styling!

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8 thoughts on “5 Medication Categories I ALWAYS Take on My Trips

  1. What a handy list! I must admit, I never bring any medications with me (except the ibuprofen I always carry in my purse). I leave that all to my husband. I swear that man carries a small pharmacy in his luggage! :)
    We always LOVE having new blogs link up with us. I hope we’ll see you on the grid again next month!! Thank you!!!

    1. Hiya Emma!!! Thanks for visiting!!! My carry-on is a mini pharmacy, too. You will definitely see me around commenting,visiting and linking in the future!

  2. Hello! I found you through the Medical Mondays blog-hop. :-)

    The only thing I would add are NSAIDs. There is nothing like a change in atmosphere (like going much higher from sea level than I’m used to!) to bring on a raging headache! Otherwise, you summed up the things I take with me regularly very well.

    1. You are EXACTLY right!!! I forgot about pain killers, especially NSAIDs. It’s mainly because I am distancing myself from them because they have caused me some internal damage in the past. I just deal with the pain now, knowing it will be over soon.

  3. Excellent list! I always have a few ibuprofen and tums in my purse. I am miserable if I need it and don’t have it, and it’s not always at your fingertips if you do’nt’bring it yourself!

    1. I think one young lady that I assisted during her travels realized this. We were in Honduras and she was experiencing an allergic reaction to bug bites. It was so bad, she was shaking!!! Her friend asked the front desk for some antihistamine medicine, but they had none. I ended up giving her a few from my stash, after asking her a series of questions and providing some warnings, of course. I think she realized to pack this next time she travels.

    1. Yes, band aids are definitely necessary. I just focused on medications for this post. I tend to purchase the mini-first aid kits that have a variety of band aids inside.

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