How to Get over Your Fear of Traveling Solo

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If you:

  • find yourself jaded when plans with others go sour,  keep reading.
  • end up staying home if everyone else cancels because you just can’t fathom going out alone, keep on reading.
  • have been curious about traveling, but you don’t think you will be safe or have fun by yourself, keep on, keep on what? That’s right, keep reading.

Listen, I totally understand the natural apprehension surrounding solo travel, but the key is conquering it by not allowing the ‘yays’ or ‘nays’ of others to dictate your actions. So, are you ready to overcome your fears of solo travel, but you just don’t know exactly how to do it? Well, keep reading because I have a few ‘Sista Says’ tips for ya!

Start Going out with YOU!!!
First you must get over your LOCAL fear of going out alone. Tempted to dine at that new, sexy sushi restaurant in your city, but it seems it’s a couples only haven? So what? Go eat alone and  pick up a tempura roll for me, while you’re there, lol.


Me and Tempura
Me and Tempura

Travel alone within the US
While you’re there, revisit tip the first tip!!!

Go on a cruise
This may seem like a daunting step, but it really is not, I promise. Think about it-  you will be surrounded by hundreds or thousands of other people! You get to mingle on a large scale then retreat to the comforts of YOU. Win win!!!

Go abroad with specialized, touring groups
While you may arrive alone, touring groups provide you with mingling conditions similar to a cruise, only in a smaller capacity. To find out more information on these specialized tours, visit either or .

The last tip: NOW GO SOLO!!!
You can do it, Bobbina/Bobbie Boucher, you can do it!!! Remember, you only get to live this one and only life to its highest extent…ONCE! Research your destination in advance and when you arrive there, leave Timid Tim/Tina at the baggage claim area and exude Fearless Frank/Farrah!




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11 thoughts on “How to Get over Your Fear of Traveling Solo

  1. If you can get over the initial fear of travelling alone, you’ll be glad you did! I have heard so many great things from those who have enjoyed travelling solo!

  2. Excellent post! I started travelling by myself in the U.S. and then I ventured out abroad. I travelled abroad alone this summer and loved it! In my opinion, when you travel alone you will meet more people. They tend to come up to you more. It also forces you to talk to people that you might not have talked to if you were in a group. It really is a confidence builder because you feel like you can do anything if you travel abroad by yourself! I like travelling with others too but when you are by yourself you can do whatever you want to do when you want to do it!

    1. You are EXACTLY right. Great points. I know with my last visit to Roatan, visiting one lady in her home by myself made her more comfortable in welcoming me. I am sure that if I was with others, she might have been a bit more hesitant in inviting me inside.

    1. I was sort of a forced loner since my mother refused to have me some siblings, lol! Traveling solo is second nature to me. I have traveled out of the country with other people before and that can be good, but when you don’t have to compromise, that’s even better!

      I’ve met SOOOO many wonderful people overseas that I still communicate with on my solo travels. If I was with a group of people, I probably wouldn’t have been able to connect with my newer friends during my visit due to time constraints.

    1. I’ve told my possible future spouse that we can travel together…sometimes. He met me traveling by myself and I am going to keep that going!

  3. These are some awesome tips for traveling alone. I’m going to start going out solo locally to get acclimated with getting out alone so that by the time the new year comes around I will feel comfortable enough to start planning trips abroad. I truly want to take advantage of my vacation times and see the world. Not traveling at all is getting old and I have a traveling bug!! I’ve admired your videos where you’ve showed yourself traveling alone. I think its fabulous. I’ve got to step out of my box!

    1. Thanks and yes, go out solo locally first. I went to an Earth, Wind and Fire concert by myself this month and I ended up seeing so many people I knew. Plus there were so many people there having a good time that I didn’t feel like people were wondering ‘why is she by herself?’

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