Llueve, Llueve Go Away!!! Come Back to Belize Some Other Day!!!

rainyKnowledge trinket for the day: Llueve is rain in Spanish

I knew that ‘rainy season’ in Belize started from June to mid-November,  but all I could focus on was finally revisiting the country that caused me to start pondering about relocating from the U.S. in the future. Plus, I’ve visited other countries during their supposed ‘rainy season’ and the worst that happened was a downpour spurt. Nothing that caused me to seek shelter, at least not for the entire day. Definitely nothing that caused me to reschedule and cancel planned excursions . Based on this history, I just knew Mama Nature would look out for her special one (ME!) and hold back her crocodile tears during my one week stay in San Pedro in June.

She quickly drenched my ego.

*random convo alert*

Mama Nature, I thought we were cool. I recycle (when I remember) and I don’t litter (well, yesterday I didn’t). Doesn’t this count for something? Why did you cry so much during my stay in Belize???

Her response? Silence. Absolute silence. Her actions spoke louder than words by showing me no llueve leniency.

It rained on day one,
It rained on day two.
I had to cancel several excursions,
Oh, Mama Nature, what did I do to you?

So, no, I didn’t explore the Mayan Temples. I didn’t visit the zoo nor Belmopan, the capital of Belize. I didn’t snorkel, scuba, snuba, zip line, kite surf, go cave tubing…

I bet you are wondering, ‘well dang SistaVoyage, what DID you do?’ I am glad you asked.  Although my main plans didn’t go as planned, I did:

Sail the blue Caribbean Sea on a catamaran


Eat great grub!

Encounter interesting non-humans
what is thisherelizardMeet good people

Annie from Annie's Pastries in San Pedro
Annie from Annie’s Pastries in San Pedro


Witness the chicken Drop


Tour San Pedro and Caye Caulker


Get a great massage at a great deal.

massage copy



The latter made up for all of plans I had to cancel due to the weather :)

Question: Have you ever had to reschedule or cancel plans for your trip during your visit due to weather? If not for weather, what was the reason? How did you handle the disappointment?

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12 thoughts on “Llueve, Llueve Go Away!!! Come Back to Belize Some Other Day!!!

  1. I love that you volunteered in Belize! I’ve never visited, but I’m moving there next month and definitely am looking for FREE volunteer opportunities while there! Thanks for the photos! I’m a massage therapist and am looking for volunteer massage opps – that’s how I found your page. You had both words in here, though not necessarily together lol :) I too love your hair :)

    1. WOW!!! You’re moving to Belize next month???!! How awesome. I was considering revisiting again next month myself. What area are you moving to?

    1. While it did put a damper (pun intended) on my more cultural, adventurous plans, I made sure I accomplished my volunteer goal.
      On the bright side though, the rain mixed in with the heat made the storms bearable.

  2. I love that you volunteered! And I really love your twists in those pics! I’ve had to cancel trip plans due to financial setbacks. Bummer. But then I just planned a trip to someplace that was less expensive. 😉 But when it’s raining and pouring when I’m traveling, I typically don’t let it stop me from going out and exploring.

    1. Thanks Dana!!! I try to volunteer in whatever country I visit. My twists were a hit amongst the kids at the school, too.

      Oh honey, don’t even mention the financial setbacks. You know I wanted to venture with you and others in Tanzania, but I know the only way I could do it right now would be to charge it. Don’t want to do that. I am trying to boost my savings so I definitely can’t touch that!

    1. You should, Jess!!! When you do, I would make sure to visit the ‘mainland’ and then to the individual islands. San Pedro’s a bit touristy.

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