Stay or Go Away? Help Sista Voyage Decide and Win $50!!!


Hiya Good People! Sista Voyage is in a bit of a doozy. Her 34th birthday is closely approaching and while she knows she wants to travel, she’s not quite sure where to go. After her 32nd birthday blast in Honduras, she imagined the next increases in age would be spent the same way.

Unfortunately, year 33 didn’t yield what she imagined, but she knows her 34th birthday will!!! Her job approved her time off and she has the finances in place, thanks to her travel fund account.

Here are her options:

Option 1: Stay in the U.S. and visit family and friends in Virginia she hasn’t seen in about 4 years. Her stay will yield free room, board AND meals. Being a lover of all things insane and thrilling, she’ll get a chance to visit King’s Dominion to ride roller coasters!!! Her last amusement park experience was 4 years ago at her beloved Cedar Point.

Option 2: Return to Honduras to revisit friends made during her March 2013 trip. Her living arrangements would resemble the couch surfing phenomenon. She would pay for her use of a costly amenity ,i.e., electricity while in the home. The homeowner has agreed to only speak Spanish to her as she really wants to be fluent in the language. She will volunteer again at Sandy Bay Ministries orphanage.

Option 3: Venture into a totally different country- this time, Nicaragua!!! While there, she would attend a language school. Getting there will be a true adventure as she would catch a flight to Tegucigalpa, stay overnight at a friend’s home, then take a 7+ hour bus ride to Nicaragua.

Option 4: Choose a ‘staycation’ in her home city for yet another birthday, save more vacation time off/money and postpone her travel plans until later this year. With this option, she will have the opportunity to literally ‘country hop’ for almost a month!

She needs your suggestions/support and to show her gratitude, she and will send a lucky, random participant $50 in Paypal cash or an e-Visa!!! Simply enter to win below.

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53 thoughts on “Stay or Go Away? Help Sista Voyage Decide and Win $50!!!

  1. this is awesome i really think this bog will inspire me to take some of the trips ive always wanted to take but never got around to it because of money and time

  2. Option 3! You seem like you are about adventure and traveling to an entirely different country would introduce new and exciting adventures! New friends and new experiences that you then can bring back and share with your family in Virginia later on. Nicaragua es mas mejor que las otras opciones. (ok i’m learning spanish too!)lol heehheee pardona me! Happy Travels!

  3. I’d love to be able to visit my friends in Al, as I live in WA state….A lil help with the ticket would go a long way!

    1. Ann, I TOTALLY understand about the ticket help!!! I know for me, I’ve tried utilizing some of these ‘how to get cheap flight’ tips time and time again, but I still end up paying over $400 for them.
      Maybe your friends will pitch in with the flight cost- you’d never know until you ask :)

  4. If it has been 4 years since you have visited with family I would go see family. I didn’t go back home to see family for years and then I was going back for family members funerals. Life is short, and you miss loved ones when they are gone. Best to visit as often as possible.

  5. Thanks! I think think this blog will inspire me to take a trip abroad solo…I have been wanting to make return trip to Europe, probably ever since I went to the South of France as part of an exchange program as a teenager. But none of my friends have interest, babysitters or vacation time. I will look into Cosmos or something similar where there are guided tours and free time…

  6. Happy birthday! I think they all sound like great option, but I would say go for #1 or #4. Family is usually a good idea to see (especially if it’s been a long time, depending on dynamics). But country hopping sounds super fun- I think that would be what I would do!

    1. I would love to go back to the East Coast and visit Family, I live in the Midwest, and I really miss the Ocean :) ty

  7. Visit family…you won’t regret it! If it happens once every four years, there’s plenty of other time for amazing adventures elsewhere. But, visiting family can be an adventure of it’s own.

  8. I vote for option 1. Family and Friends are so important, especially nowadays and you haven’t seen them in a while. Save a little longer and then next year go to Nicaragua (and take me with you)!!

  9. I would say choose Option 4, simply because you can save to travel even more in the future. Maybe even save up for quite a trip on your 35th. I just turned 34 in May. Happy Early Birthday! :-)

    Note: As a backup plan, Option 1 sounds like a way to sort of “travel” without the time/money commitments of Options 2 or 3. I think that is viable, and the amusement park sounds great!


  10. I think visiting family would be nice.Especially if you have a lot of older relatives.Time and life is so precious,so take advantage of seeing your loved ones when you can.Enjoy your travel!

  11. I would visit with family and friends and do the StayCation. The economy is getting better and you will have more money for next year. Save Save and Save for next year. Keep practicing your Spanish when ever you can. Watch some Spanish Novelas (soap operas) I admire you for learning a new language. My kids are Mexican and are to embarrassed to speak Spanish because they don’t pronounce the words right. I hope you have a memorable vacation, which ever one you choose.

    1. You are like the 20th person to suggest me watching telenovelas!!! My cable is on it’s way outta here (trying to save more money) so I will be watching them via You Tube. I hope your children decide to speak the Spanish language no matter how they sound. Not everyone can pronounce words correctly- sometimes my English is a little shaky itself, lol. Thanks for the well wishes on my vacation.

  12. I’m torn between the Nicaragua option and the travel for a month! But as a woman who travels EVERY birthday…you may have to hook up that Nicaragua deal. Sounds super exciting!!!

  13. Option 3: Because you can still speak only Spanish in Nicaragua!!! No one will know you and you can pretend that whatever your mother tongue is, it’s “not” English. This includes a sleepover with one friend and time to prep your skills, make some goals, and enjoy the scenery of your bus ride.

    1. This is why I am opting for a language school if I go to Nicaragua. A friend of mine who visited once and knows a decent amount of Spanish told me it was intense for her.

  14. I would choose option 1 to stay in the US and visit family that you have not seen in 4 years. Wouldn’t that be a lovely surprise for them?

  15. I say option 1, not just because you get to see family and save money on room and board, BUT what everyone seems to be forgetting is ROLLER COASTERS!!! Seriously, if you don’t go soon since its been so long since you had an amusement park experience you may into “Play at Park Virus Syndrome” (PPVS). Trust me;its not a pretty sight and it can be harmful to yourself or anyone around you

      1. Its sad really when you see someone walking around with PPVS, because its so preventable. The symptoms can range from the simple to the complex, so if you notice yourself developing any of these, seek help IMMEDIATELY. They are
        *Toxic eruptions of gas, from either end
        *Random spurts of tiptoeing around
        *Know those days when you might want to slap someone? Well you start just slapping pple for no reason
        *Everything you eat starts tasting like funnel cake and last but often the most serious
        *Seeing Rollar Coasters and hearing the screams when no one is there. SMH, don’t do this to yourself,its not worth my friend.

        1. Hmmmm, is there a pill that can treat this? Oh wait, never mind. A pill might exaggerate the PPVS PLUS harm one with it’s side effects. This has got to end!!! I am contacting the CDC (Coaster Disease Community) about the seriousness of this ailment.

          For the funnel cake symptom- would the taste be a plain funnel cake or one with powdered sugar and/or fruit toppings?

          1. Unfortunately just the plain funnel cake, it cause you to always want the sugar or fruit and you think you will get it with the next bite..but you never do smh.

            ***laugh out loud*** break!! I cannot fool with you! Lmao!

  16. I’m loving option 4, mainly because I can’t imagine what a whole month of travel hopping would be like!!

  17. Nicaragua! Come into Managua, head for Granada, great restaurants, cool sights, great tours, and fun events, head to San Juan Del Sur and take in the language school and some surf lessons. For adventure, head back up to El Rama and catch a ferry boat to Corn Island, beautiful beaches, interesting people, and amazing food!

  18. Option 3: Venture into a totally different country- it would be such an amazing adventure!!! Getting a chance to learn an new language and culture plus being able to stay and visit with a friend. You only live once and are young once too!!

  19. Option #1 visit family, family is everything and if you haven’t seen them in a long time, its time for a visit :)

  20. Save to go to more than one place at once. Then you can visit family in Virginia and take a plane to Honduras or Nicaragua from there.

  21. I would recommend to visit friends and family in VA, it would be less expensive and fun, allowing you to still save towards option 4, the country hop.

  22. Sista, one way to decide whether or not to visit your relatives would be to ask yourself if you would regret not having seen them if you later lost the opportunity (eg., someone passes away). If you could forgive yourself easily, then by all means travel–Nicaragua would be great!

  23. Visit with the family. Those other places will always be there – but see your family when you can. When the grits hit the pan, family is all we got. Peace.

  24. I think you should spend time with family in Virginia. I know traveling is a WONDERFUL thing to be able to do. However, you can spend your 35th birthday traveling…those places will be there in a year. However, you may lose a loved one before your 35th birthday, so go visit them while you can and they are a live! If you’re not the type of person who likes staying long, visit them in route to a shorter international trip.

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