My Natural Hair Raised the Suspicions of a TSA Officer


‘Now let me check the back of your hair,’ the TSA officer stated.

It took me totally off guard. I knew she was just doing her job, but I couldn’t help feel like ‘really?’ What in the world do you think I have hidden in my hair? Honestly, I didn’t feel like it was that necessary. I had already placed my hands behind my head as if the police force were requiring my arrest in what I call the ‘airport MRI’. Isn’t that sucker very detailed as is?

On top of that, the ‘hair search’ was HAIR-lariously short. Not saying I would’ve rather received a full follicle examination, but the fact that it was so short further proved that it was just silly and it wasn’t a threat. Then there’s the thought of where those gloves have been- ICK!

I wanted to see if others have been subjected to this ‘procedure’ so I typed in ‘tsa searching hair’ on the internet. The results proved I was not alone. I also noticed it’s mainly women who have natural, thick hair who receive the scrutiny.

I know there are several thousands of other passengers who fly that believe the mantra of ‘safety first’ while simultaneously have thoughts of ‘is THIS really necessary?’

I am going to write the TSA to ask them what type of hair alerts the officers to pull one to the side after already going through an extensive search.  Is it hair in a ponytail? In a high or low hair bun? Would they had been so suspicious if it were straightened? I will also provide them a detailed explanation of what happened that day. Once they reply, I will let you all know.

My bad for having thick, naturally wavy/ curly hair. Next time I am going to put a ton of hair oils, gels, and spritz in it when I fly again. This would make for a super fun search 😉

Question: Looking at the picture above of my hair, would you consider it a threat?

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5 thoughts on “My Natural Hair Raised the Suspicions of a TSA Officer

  1. Yes, it’s a threat. A threat from all of us envious women out there LOL. However on a serious note, no, I wouldn’t have checked your hair if I were one of the agents. It is thick but I don’t think you are hiding a weapon in there.

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