Parisian Pastries: Look, but Don’t Touch…OR Eat

angelinas2 Specially crafted and uniquely designed edible dishes are so visually appealing to me. They cause me to stop in my tracks, admire the skill it took create them and even feel a little giddy on the inside. :) You can catch me oohing and aahing at the creations followed by silent staring, similar to a child seriously viewing a cartoon show. It would be great if my admiration of these delicacies stopped there, but it doesn’t. Pleasing to the eye and probably just as pleasing to the palate, I just can’t bring myself to consume one, not even a nibble.  I feel that they must be preserved and it would be a waste for me to eat something so beautiful.  Most of my friends shake their heads at me, especially when I try to convince them NOT to eat them, too, lol.

blog2I have noticed that people tend to throw their restrictions out of the window when it comes to nom-nom-noming during vacation. What one refrains from in their home country, they are willing to try in another. Heck, diets are temporarily placed on pause, too.  When I saw these beautiful, tasty, tempting treats while strolling in Paris, I thought I was going to let all of my ‘preserve cute desserts’ inhibitions go; however, I am proud to say I kept my stance!  I ended up eating only the boring looking (albeit yummy) pastries  and I stuck to staring at and photographing the gorgeous ones.

Boring, Yummy Treats That I Ate

blog3blog1Exciting Treats I Didn’t Eat!


Now be honest, could YOU bring yourself to EAT one of these fine, trophy looking treats or would you preserve them for viewing pleasure only?


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2 thoughts on “Parisian Pastries: Look, but Don’t Touch…OR Eat

  1. What I would say, is to eat them and enjoy them!!!
    France has a world-wide reputation for producing the best sweets, pastries and desserts made with the freshest and best ingredients. Remember the French throw away their bread after one day because they don’t use any chemicals or preservatives.And because they don’t use chemicals or preservatives unlike many countries and if you are not used to it, you may think that nobody can produce food that good and it be real, well it is.I am British and we have a reputation with the French ,ahem, but I’m backing them all the way.We have enough programs and French chefs in this country in the UK to know that it is real. You can produce natural food colouring made with no E numbers or preservatives.And yes I am passionate about this because unlike you, many Black Americans don’t travel outside their own States nevermind the Americas and it is so important for people to open their minds and to try new things because that is the reason why you travel.
    To me the question you should be asking is, how they can produce sweets and pastries that good and yet the obesity levels in France are way below those that of the US.

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