Security Gate Germaphobia



Going through security checkpoints at the airport are ‘mini mission impossibles.’  With commands like, ‘Come here, place this-n-that in the bin, put those in these Ziploc bags, take that out and throw it away,’ it can make you wonder what’s the point of packing anything at all!

Then there’s my favorite command: TAKE OFF YOUR SHOES.

My mother raised me to respect authority figures, but I must admit this command from the TSA agents used to have me looking around blankly and thinking: ‘Wait, you’re talking to me? My shoes? No wait, really these shoes? Take off my shoes and place my sweet feet on this floor?’

Oh geez.

Now, it wouldn’t be so uncomfortable for me to do so if I was a sock wearer on a daily basis, but I am not. When I travel, I try to accessorize and dress as light as possible. I wear flats or sandals with no socks, but because TSA is not changing their policy and since I love to travel, I knew I had to get creative. After checking into my flight and before going through security, I now put on socks that I don’t wear often. Forget the color, design, etc., I don’t care. I just cringe at the thought of my sweet feet touching that cold, tiled and yes, dirty floor. Once the TSA agents congratulate me for being a safe traveler, I take off those unsightly socks, stuff them in my luggage and head to my gate. I have had people stop and look at me to see what the heck I was doing. With a confused look, they probably were also thinking ‘hmmmm, good idea!’

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