¡Aqui No Mas! AND ­­¡Baja!- When Foreign Transportation Goes Wrong

I tell ya, teach a voyager a few local transportation sayings and she thinks she knows her way around the country.

Spending almost two weeks in Roatan, Honduras meant that remaining stationary in one neighborhood was not an option.  I stayed in an area called Sandy Bay and although I was in walking distance from a clinic, bodegas and small restaurants, I still wanted to get out and do a little bit of ‘sploring,’ ya know? I asked Mel, the owner of Roatan Backpackers, how to travel throughout the island and she willingly showed me how. That day, I was scheduled for a full body massage at Mel’s employer so, I took the taxi with her. She schooled me on the public transportation rules in Roatan which included:

Pricing:       Depending on pickup and drop off, a taxi ride could cost 30 Lempiras, which is equal to $1.50! A bus ride could be 20 lempiras!
Tipping:      Optional
Socializing: Keep it to a minimum with the driver, UNLESS you know exactly where you’re going and are familiar with pricing and distances.

She taught me a lot, but my most favorite lesson of all was using the commands ¡BAJA! or ¡Aqui No Mas! for signaling the driver where to stop. After this lesson, we parted ways, I got my massage, and then I had to practice what was taught to me.

I was ‘Aqui No Mas-ing’ and Baja-ing’ after I caught my first taxi on my own. I felt like I knew every nook and cranny in Roatan, until my arrogance got me lost downtown.

Watch me in lost action in the video below:




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