Aye Yai Yai! Where Have I Been?

The picture above speaks volumes about why I haven’t updated this blog in a while.

I had to sit still, think, and block out everything that was considered ‘blogging etiquette.’

When I first started at this, I got too caught up in trying to follow the ‘rules’ of blogging, such as creating new travel content on a consistent basis to maintain and eventually grow my audience.  In order to grow my audience, I knew networking via social media was essential to get my presence out there. I searched frantically on how to make my blog stand out amongst the vast sea of other travel blogs. I followed the rules for a while until I realized something:

The joy I had when I first started this blog quickly turned into a nagging chore.

I found myself scrambling for more and more unique travel content. This was especially a challenge because traveling as much as I desire is not possible right now with work and personal obligations.

I realized I am SO not a fan of social media, not enough to Instagram this, Facebook that, and Tweet this-n-that on a daily basis…sometimes multiple times a day.

My travels became less about my personal growth and pleasure and more about taking pictures and recording videos to post here. While capturing memories is important, I learned that if you’re not careful, you can easily miss the beautiful moments right in front of you.

So, I had to choose what was more important to ME – my memories and traveling lessons or setting up a tripod in the sand to record me fishing for barracuda in the ocean?

Well, I chose both, with a heavier emphasis on ME. I will still update this blog, but it won’t be on ‘schedule.’ I will occasionally Instagram, Facebook and yes, even Tweet, but it won’t be daily. All in all, I will still share with those of you who are interested in the beauty I see when I travel.

Yup, Sista’s back to blogging . Are you ready for me? :)


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