Parlez-Vous Français?

Not a lick, but I am still headed to Paris!

It’s crunch time for my Paris voyage and I am trying to learn a few basic phrases beforehand. Preparing for a trip is already frustrating and nothing adds to that emotion than facing a language barrier. When I went to Honduras, I assumed that everyone would of course speak Spanish, but hey, they should know English, right? Wrong! I met some bilingual citizens, but I encountered plenty who did not know any English.  Thankfully, those 2 years of Spanish classes kicked in, but it was still a challenge.

To help me get by with some common phrases in Paris, I have been utilizing It’s free unless you decide to upgrade and is very interactive. In some lessons, they provide you what  the words/phrases sound like, ie, ‘comment allez-vous?’ is pronounced ‘komahn-tah-leh-voo.’ Helpful, huh? Oui, oui!

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2 thoughts on “Parlez-Vous Français?

  1. Chakakhanian …You go Girl! Travel to your hearts content .My dream is to travel the world and when I hear of another sista doing it ,it makes me happy.I truly believe that when you travel and experience different cultures, people,traditions you learn more about yourself .You are able to realize that there IS a whole other world unlike your own. p.s.(i went to montego bay for my 32nd birthday -alone and had a wonderful time so much so I think its better to travel by yourself. May you be kept safe on all your future endevours and have immense joy.

    1. Thanks darling!!! Girl, yes, it is GREAT to travel alone and it does broaden your viewpoint of the world.

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