Lord, Please Keep This Plane Up When It’s Supposed To Be…

and let it come down at the right time.

I tell you, after all of the times I’ve flown, nothing can ever prepare me for turbulence.
On my way to Paris, France I connected in Charlotte, NC and was rushed onto the plane. I didn’t understand why we were leaving when there were several connecting flights they knew were delayed due to the weather in Charlotte, but I digress…kinda.

They took no time leaving the area. During the flight, it was announced (in English AND French) that no one was to leave their seat due to an expected, temporary bumpy flight. Tell me why some idiots didn’t think the warning didn’t apply to them? *Sigh* As predicted, it was turbulence time. The plane did a drop that made me question if this trip was worth my life. Add to the screams I heard on the plane and I just knew I would never blog again in this life. I cried, but thankfully, I was sitting next to a wonderful lady named Nancy, a professor of Art history. She allowed me to cry on her breast (literally) and squeeze her arm while the plane dipped and swayed. She kept telling me it was going to be alright and hey, she was right. After that scare, the flight was smooth ‘airing’ and I arrived in one piece in Paris, France.


Me 'holding up' the actual Eiffel Tower

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