Arrival at the Eiffel

(Hey, that rhymed :) )

The advice to heed on one’s first day in Paris is to not fall asleep until it’s bedtime. Well, right after this video was made, I did just the opposite.  Despite my efforts to stay awake via walking around the airport, eating a croissant and drinking hot chocolate then an espresso (YUCK), the natural eventually took over.

For this trip, I didn’t travel solo. The party of ten (myself included) was short two others, due to flight delays, so the rest of us waited in the airport. When the last person arrived, I was jolted out of my sleep and my first day in Paris was about to begin! We  headed onto the train and then to our abode for the week to get situated.  On the agenda that day? The Eiffel Tower and walking down the famous Champs De Elysées.

The Eiffel Tower- Designed in 1884, Built in 1889, Given 20 Years to Exist…Still Standing Today (click link for video)

After taking the metro and the bus, we reached our destination which was the Trocadero, a popular meeting square with a great view of The Eiffel Tower, fountains, and even the city!

What's Over There??? (See next picture for the answer)


Oh! It's the Eiffel!!!
Bottom of the Eiffel, Fountains and The City

Hmmm, what’s going on over there? (click link for video)

Whenever you travel with a group, it’s best to try to stay as close to them as possible. After snapping several pictures, I noticed that my party joined a crowd of spectators. Me being 5’1″ thought it would be pointless to try to see what was going in the midst of all those people, but the curiosity was nagging me, so I stood on my tippy toes and recorded what I could with my camera.

Off to Meet the Champs!!!

No, not Muhammad Ali, George Foreman or Sugar Ray Leonard, but the famous avenue, Champs-Elysées. Come see what I saw :)

Arc de Triomphe. Contains the names of soldiers who fought and died during Napolean's reign


Smart Cars + Parallel Parking= Winning

A Line for the Louis?

There was so much to see on Champs Elysees. It reminded me of Times Square in New York, with a little less video advertising. During my stroll, I couldn’t help but notice this Louis Vuitton store, not because I saw a purse or clothing that interested me, but because there were people lined up waiting to get in. I thought they were have an invite only type of party, but I was told that in this Louis, they only allow a certain number of people in the store at one time. I even heard the employees handle the merchandise with white gloves! Now that’s fancy, huh?

The party really didn’t have an interest in going into the Louis store, but we did take a peak into Lancel.

The closest I got to purchasing this bag


Grumble, Grumble. Is That Your Stomach or Mine?

After the oohs and ahhs of Lancel expired, we all took in dinner at Cafe di Roma. It’s so typical of me to order pizza, specifically margarita, but I wanted to be different that day.  I ordered a salad and basil chicken pasta. Pretty good!

With our bellies full, it was time to head back to our apartment. We laughed and talked a bit more before reclining.

Oh, remember that nap I was told to not take because my sleep pattern would be screwed? It had absolutely no effect on me snoring that night. This was in my favor because the next day’s agenda involved a lot of walking and much more sightseeing. Cool with me!

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  1. Looks like a great first day! That bag was cute and the food is making me hungry! I went to Paris about ten years ago and it is about time to do it again. Hopefully next year my husband and I will be strolling down the Champs-Elysee! Congrats on the new blog!

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