Paris, Day 2 : If These Dogs Could Talk


‘So, dogs, did you enjoy Paris?’

Dogs: ‘&*%$#*(@!!!’

Me: ‘Oh, wow…sorry I asked…’

Were you able to make that out? Well, if not my dogs are livid because they hurt SO bad walking around the city of Paris.

They are angry because I assumed the shoes I had on were supportive enough when in reality, they were not. They are also upset at my no arch having flat feet.

Sorry, dogs, but GET OVER IT!!!. You had the wonderful opportunity to connect with the concrete of Paris!

While I took public transportation in the form of subways and buses, after all of the walking I did, it sure didn’t seem like it!

Day 2- Check out the Seinery

Me in front of the Fontaine St. Michel

The Shakespeare and Company Bookstore: Originally an apartment, the owner, George Whitman, decided to transform it into a bookstore AND resting place for many of the literary geniuses we know today.

Right across from the bookstore is the Notre Dame Cathedral and the Seine River. I didn’t get the chance to sail across the river, but from what been told, this river runs through the city of Paris, highlighting its famous landmarks.

Me, some of Notre Dame and the Seine River


Call me weird, but I like these gargoyles on top of The Notre Dame Cathedral!

The Notre Dame Cathedral
View Inside the Cathedral
View Inside the Cathedral

What’s on The Rue?

Rue di Rivoli, that is. A woman’s dream, a tired man’s nightmare.

Wait…Are You Sure This Is McDonald’s?

I know, I know. There’s a McDonald’s everywhere so what’s the point of going to one in another country and especially in Paris, France? I will tell you why.
Simply put, we were hungry and wanted something to eat, right then, right there. Trust me when I say, ordering and eating McDonald’s in Paris was like fine dining.  You have the option of ordering at a fancy kiosk or at the register. There were items on the menu that I have never seen at McDonald’s before, but I decided to stick with what I used to eat in the States… Filet-O-Fish meal.

Tell me why that sucker was GOOD! No, not just good, but GOO-OOOD!! Just put it like this, I went back and got another one AND their potato wedges. I was mighty impressed. No acid reflux, either.


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6 thoughts on “Paris, Day 2 : If These Dogs Could Talk

  1. I would love to be able to visit Paris. Definitely on my bucket list. You look like you had a great time. I have flat feet too, try crocs when your doing a lot of walking. They’re not pretty but they’re very comfortable.

    1. I am familiar with crocs and you are right, not pretty, but if they will soothe my flat feet, I will look into them!

  2. Usually, there’s live music at the Fountain of St.Michael. Was there anyone out there playing during the time you went?

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