What the Funk? (Day 3 in Paris)

One thing I learned while legally street walking in Paris was that your shoes are not safe, even on the side walk. The start of my third day included stepping in crap. Talk about pissed. Well, not piss because that’s not what I stepped in but rather pooped. Talk about pooped-that’s better.

After removing as much of this mess (hands free, of course) from my shoe, it was on to begin another full day in Paris.

Bath and Body Works Parisian Style?

My pedestrian poop situation still had my mind battling between getting over it and getting angry about it over again that I didn’t inquire about where we were headed. All I remember is walking into this impressive building on Rue de Rivoli and thinking, I don’t need any scented body gels and lotions, so why are we in here?

Once I got closer to the items on the shelves, I noticed that the assumed body gels and lotions were actually varieties of candies, cremes, sauces, etc. It was then explained to me that we were in Angelina’s, a restaurant famous for their hot chocolate.

We were escorted to our table with a one track mind. No need for menus because our mission was ‘get the chocolate.’  It literally tasted like melted chocolate bars and was so rich and thick, I had to drink a little water after a few sips.

On the way out, I just had to snap some pictures of these pastries. Edible, yes they are, but why would you want to eat something so beautiful?

Getting it In At Chez Benjamin

We stayed on Rue de Rivoli for about 2 hours strictly shopping until our stomachs decided, ‘Enough!’ One thing about Paris is when you’re hungry, one quick look either behind, in front, to the left or right of you is somewhere to eat. We decided to dine here:

Looky Louvre?

That was the plan but for some reason, The Louvre Museum on this day was closed. Maybe it was purposed to be this way because I had time to crack the Da Vinci Code! Take that Robert Langdon (Tom Hanks)!

After code cracking, the Louvre pyramid thanked me by bestowing a rainbow on my hair.



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    1. Dan, I am sorry, too. It really pissed me off! It’s one thing to step into it in grass, but on a sidewalk?

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