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Ahhh! My graduate school pic. Look at that fresh, round face, so eager to finally work a 30+ year, 40+ hour work week career I dreamed about since the 9th grade. By society’s standards, I was following the path of life ‘the right way.’ I had my career, so all I needed to do was get married, purchase a mini mansion and 2 cars, go on vacation once to twice a year, then start family planning. In my 20’s, I agreed that this was the best future for me. I mean, what else was there to do?

Then in 2011, I visited Roatan, Honduras, all alone, informing close friends and family via text in Houston’s airport of my whereabouts. This trip proved to be one of the best decisions I have made in my life because it challenged me to reevaluate my lifetime goals. It solidified my decision to stop the attempts of achieving ‘The American Dream’ and to proceed toward the Expatriate Dream. Each and everyday, I prepare to live my life as an expatriate. As of March 2012, I have paid off $15,379.53 in credit card debt. Additionally, I am selling my home to live in an apartment, maintaining my paid off car (life happened, I had to purchase another vehicle), saving more and taking caution of how, when, and where I spend my money.

Traveling consists of creating memories and expanding a person’s viewpoint of the world, but  doing so relies heavily on one’s financial condition.  I came to this conclusion after seeing how instant gratification without proper planning (for anything in that matter) can wreak havoc on an already faulty budget. Realizing this important concept, I’ve decided to make wiser and purposed financial choices in general and for travel. I will share my many mistakes from the past, their consequences, and my voyage to financial serenity!

Like many of you reading my blog, I currently work full-time. With this said, finding the time and money to travel can be cumbersome, but it can be done and I will show you how.  My goal is to work full-time until all of my debt is paid off, transitioning to part time, and eventually as needed so I can travel at my leisure.

My blog’s goal is to get YOU to traveling AND to do it with financial wisdom, especially if you are single and have fears about trotting the globe alone. I will show you how to take the steps necessary to begin enjoying what this wonderful world has to offer, via practical tips and my personal experiences.

As you read , please note the various themes which are as follows: Anticipation of my voyage, Acceptance (or not) during my voyage, Afterthoughts and Advice (to you). It harbors my joys, disappointments, and surprises of traveling throughout this world and I invite you to laugh with me, learn with/from me, and sigh at me, one country at a time!

Sista Voyage’s travel stats:
– My goal is to travel extensively throughout Central/South America and the Caribbean
– Would love to move to either Belize or Honduras (this will change as I travel more, ha ha)
– I cry during flight turbulence
– Paris, France was…okay
– I went on my first cruise at the age of 28
– I have to force myself to try new cuisines specific to a country
– I wish I could live in Cedar Point Amusement Park
– My longest flight as of 2012 was to Paris, France…8 hours
– I have no desire to visit London…or Hawaii…or Mexico…or Russia, but that may change.
– I want to visit every major amusement park in the world
While I don’t mind paying for a trip, I don’t like paying for travel insurance. Many times, I just take my chances I no longer take my chances with travel insurance. Have you seen the price of plane tickets??? Whew!
– The first country I visited was Jamaica
– My first flight was at the age of 23
– I have tried to learn how to swim three times…and failed miserably. I will keep trying because I want to snorkel and eventually dive into the oceans one day
– I am a smooth jazz fanatic and I have been on two Smooth Jazz Cruises so far
– I have taken several Spanish courses, but nothing can compare to being immersed in the language.
– I consider cancelling my trips a lot because of her:

I *heart* her so much!!!

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15 thoughts on “About Sista Voyage

  1. Hello Sistavoyage,

    Looking at your blog has motivated me as an African American woman to not let anyone stand between me and my travels. I am a 20 year old college student, and I dream of traveling the world. I’m an education major and my school has a student teaching program abroad in the UK. I already plan to apply, but it’s comments from family about money that bring me down. I’m a very motivated person and I know I can find the funds, but others’ concerns make me feel a little insecure about it. Regardless, I can’t let it stop me. I already know I prefer to travel alone than with people, because I like being in control of my schedule and whereabouts. When I tell my mom that, she has a mini heart attack and warns me of all the dangers. Like you said, there is danger everywhere. I know once I take that first trip alone, I will be hooked. Thanks for showing me that I’m not the only one with this passion.

    1. I was talked out of my first flight (it was free, too) when I was 20 years old in college. My mother scared me and at that time, I didn’t want to risk something going wrong due to disobeying my mother.

      I kicked myself after the fact, though. That’s why when I went to pharmacy school and was offered another chance to fly (it wasn’t free this time), I didn’t tell her UNTIL I got to my destination.

      I am 33 years old and to this day, I still have people (who mean well) try to talk me out of traveling alone. It’s becoming less of an issue now since they see that I really don’t care what they think, lol.

      I say TAKE THE OPPORTUNITY to teach abroad in the UK. Let your family know that opportunities like these are rewarding and can definitely set you apart from the thousands of other applicants reaching for the same position as yourself. YOU NEED TO STAND OUT in this day and time. Do they know you are going to a 1st world country and should be relatively safe there?

      Trust me, if you take this job and they see you excel in the UK, they will be on the first flight to come visit you in the future :)

  2. Hi, I just discovered your blog by clicking onto your link from Onekia the Traveler. How do I subscribe to your blog. I’d love to get your information on travel and how you finance your travel?

    1. Hi!!! have a feedburner icon on the right side of my blog. You can sign up with your email there. I still work full time, so that’s primarily how I finance my travels. In addition to this, I am relying less on credit cards and more on for my trips.

  3. Love your blog and your attitude to life, travel is such a great way to open your mind. I am going to Honduras at the end of February for 3 weeks and I am really looking forward to it. I like to travel as much as I can and have taken quite a few biig trips, I have also done a lot of it solo too. I lived in Belize for a few months about 10 years ago and absolutely loved it, I often thought how it would be to live there permantly. I really hope to go back some day.

    I hope every thing works out for you
    Matt – UK

    1. I will be in Honduras in MARCH!!! I am so thrilled about this voyage because I am TOTALLY stepping out of my usual box when I travel. Gosh, Matt, I want to live through you! I am hoping for the day when I can comfortably travel for several weeks and months on end like you did in Belize and will do in Honduras. Kudos to you, man!

  4. All I can say is go for it, I started really traveling at the age of 18. Moved to Europe and stayed for almost 3 years. Can’t stay still. Been back to Europe a couple of times and even made it down to Guatemala (never thought I would do Central/South America- loved it). Met another sister down there that was doing her thing in Honduras.
    Do it, do it, do it. Good luck on making your dreams come true, you’re making reconsider my new life. Stayed home, raised my child, now that’s done, new chapter! I hope you get to where you’re going. Might be right behind you.

    1. Thank you so much for the encouragement and visiting my blog. Like you, I can’t stay still eventhough I am still here in the U.S. Girl, I am making the necessary steps to make my dreams come true. You will see this week EXACTLY what I’ve done thus far.
      Ain’t Central/South America wonderful? I wish more people stopped believing what they’ve heard about these areas and just go and experience it for themselves. You won’t believe the amount of people who, while having good intentions, try to discourage me from going there!

  5. I don’t know if you ever seen house hunters international on HGTV, but there was a couple who jumped up one day and moved to Honduras and both were retired at 30. I’m still scratching my head on that, but I think it can be done. Good luck to you.

    1. Wow! No, I haven’t seen that episode. That’s interesting because I’ve seen so many of the shows, lol!!! I need to find that episode quick!

  6. Just wanted to say that I love your travel philosophy…or really your outlook on life. The world is so much bigger than the U.S. and it is my goal to visit many places around the globe. My trip to Egypt was canceled due to the government issues and civil unrest, but I will get there one day. I’m also interested in Turkey, Italy, and Greece. I really admire that you appreciate traveling alone, I don’t think I could do that…at least not yet. =)
    Safe travels to you…

    1. Thanks so much! I wish you could go to Egypt now, but once you are given the thumbs up from our government and theirs, please have a ball! I want to visit Italy and Greece also and I will do so through monograms or cosmos. While I will go to these two places by myself, the aforementioned companies are organized in a way where your tours will be with others.

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