4 thoughts on “Where I’ve Been Tips

  1. Did you encounter French customs and how did you find it? I had a negative experience with them in August this year upon leaving the country. However this was via Eurostar. I loved Paris itself though where my race wasn’t an issue.

    1. Yes, I encountered French customs in the airport. I don’t understand what you mean by ‘how did you find it’ though.
      I am sorry you had a negative experience with them. This was not my case. It easy breezy to be honest.

  2. Did you go to the capital jazz fest in merryweather this year june 3rd and sat on the grass talking to someone from england if so it was me
    please reply thanks

    1. No, I wasn’t at a capital jazz fest, but thanks for putting it in my mind! I just went to the website and it looks like an event I should try out.

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