Figuring Out the Finances

Are You Following a Budget Right Now?

From the essentials of shelter, transportation, food, and saving, to the non-essentials, you should know where EVERY cent of your hard earned money is going. Write out a budget pertaining to your income/outgo AND (here it comes) FOLLOW IT! There are several systems out there that can assist you this step, but I use the cheapest method which is simply writing it down with a pen and paper. I also forecast my budget months in advance.

Gotta Go There!

You wanted to visit St.Barts like yesterday, but you can only afford St. Boogybear? That’s okay, you will be fine. Once you have a good grasp on budgeting and saving, you can set aside money for your dream vacation. If you just can’t wait to visit, you can always go on a cruise. Cruises provide an opportunity for you to interact with various countries during its length and are for almost any budget. Now, while you won’t spend that desired week in St. Barts on a cruise, you will at least be able to ‘get a taste’ of it for about 4-8 hours that assigned day.

You’ve found where you want to go, but how will you get there? We have all been affected by the increased prices for transportation and if you plan on flying to your destination, you will feel that hit in your pocketbook instantly. Remember St. Barts above? Well, you decided you didn’t want to cruise, but you’d rather spend a week there. Great, but have you researched in advance how much it would cost to fly there? Would it be cheaper to fly into St. Maarten and take a ferry to St. Barts? Do you know what’s considered their touristy season? These are just some of the questions you must ask yourself before you fly away.

But I am on Vacation!

It’s so easy to overspend while on vacation and one area that many people do just that is in activities. My suggestion? Instead of planning for some activities or excursions during your voyage, plan ahead! If you notice that there are several companies that provide guided tours in say, Germany, this may give you a chance to bargain, resulting in a better deal! Planning ahead for activities gives you an idea of how much money you will spend while there and keep you focused on your travel budget.

Mom, Dad, Don’t Forget About Me/Us!

Do you have babies? I know all mothers (and some fathers) consider their human children their babies despite their age, but what about your feline/canine babies? While the kids are more likely to journey alongside mom and dad for a trip, our four-legged friends tend to stay behind. Where will they stay? With your friend? Neighbor? Considering home pet care? Pet hotel or clinic? Don’t forget to include this expense in your traveling plans!

I ‘NEED’ Some New Outfits

Simply put, no you don’t. While it may suck to take pictures in outfits you’ve taken pictures in before, think about the money you will save! It could be spent on more memorable aspects of your voyage and even for future vacations. (I have to tell myself this quite often.)

Do you have any financial travel advice you’d like to share? Me and my readers would love to hear them!

2 thoughts on “Figuring Out the Finances

  1. I totally agree, planning ahead, both in terms of a travel budget and travel activities, is definitely key! I always try to plan tours and other activities before I get there – knowing what I plan to do and see helps me keep spending in check.

    1. Yes! Planning AND keeping the plan of action will help one maintain financial responsibility while traveling. No more ‘oops, I spent it again!’ LOL! :)

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