Where Will You Stay?

Picture this: You go online to search for lodging options for your upcoming trip. You finally decide on where you will stay based off of the pictures, videos, and ‘reviews’ on the lodging’s site. Here’s you after your choice:

Drawn by me in photoshop *smile*

Your trip day is here and you arrive at the resort/hostel/hotel that YOU chose based on that resort’s/hostel’s/hotel’s site.


Here’s you now:

Drawn by me in photoshop

To avoid this situation, I suggest that you visit tripadvisor. This website provides reviews, photos, and videos by people like us who’ve stayed at where you may be considering. The pictures and videos are real, not doctored up by a photoshop professional.  The reviews by the public range from straight to the point to a-thesis-in-the making (literally), but you will definitely walk away with an unbiased understanding on who deserves your hard earned cash.

After reviewing tripadvisor, now you can check out that resort’s website to determine the most cost efficient time to go. What may be a ‘normal’ travel day to you might be that country’s major holiday resulting in higher prices for your stay. Want to go overseas during your Spring Break? For Valentine’s Day? Are you going during a country’s ‘high’ season or ‘low’ season? Knowing this could mean hundreds of dollars in savings…or expenses.

You also have to ask yourself what’s important to you while visiting an area. Do you want to be in the midst of the hustle and bustle of your chosen country or do you prefer seclusion? Would you like an all inclusive option or would you like to be in total control of dining, activities, etc. There’s a lot to consider so choose well!

Do you have any lodging travel advice you’d like to share? Me and my readers would love to hear them!

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